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In the 1990s, an additional sector began to appear on maps of distribution records (r96edl-m), in the same location as was previously located the Normandy Hotel, the Normandy Bay, the Normandy waste dump. Destroyed buildings, municipal trash and military refuse accumulating in the sea since 1975 were replaced by sector 13, better known as Beirut Central District.

Concrete Layer Innovations ©. Accropodes ©. Dump trucks. Rubble. Dust. Formless.

Although its Master Plan has been in flux since its inception, in 2016 sector 13 manifests as a highly securitized space, anonymously managed-traded-owned by shell corporations, shape-shifting corporate ghosts better known as sharikat wahmiyya or “illusory companies”.


In clear contradiction of the subdivision diagram, the apparition of sector 13 is an annunciation, foretelling ways in which the remaining nine sectors may come to emerge-submerge in the future-past. Places that exist before-after existing. Numbers reserved for the incomplete city. Naked p0tential.

They can be planned-controlled years before their appearance. Horizontal-vertical-diagonal organic-crystalline growth-reductions, substitutes for past-existing-possible places. Substractions-additions-divisions-multiplications-integrals-derivatives. Controlled dispersions.

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