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disappearance acts of self-reproducing crises while vacuum tubes make crystals of dust empty lots filled with bottle-caps turned wheelchairs re-fabricated junkyards sell slaughterhouse cocktails freed freshwater turtle pets grow giant displaced predators in rivers of urine and blood of leachate of misplaced footwear of libidinal excess of idle enjoyment of the last standing resistance to work to give birth to surplus to produce denial of what we encounter in the north pacific in gyres in vortices of garbage in orbits of carefully collected space junk of residue of past failures of fuel tanks of booster stages of spent rockets of flacid penises of titanium alloy hulls of invisible cancerous malfunctions dropping back to earth as shooting stars as balls of fire as local as global as cosmic archeologies as sifting through mountains of space junk as waiting for the landing of the mother ship as stench rising from the landfill with the night winds past security cameras past viril vigils past super shiny stainless steel up to ministers' penthouses past the cocaine-stained mustache into the nostril despite disproportionate force despite military courts the war of the toxic cloud of the vomit flood is with the tear gas with the aerosol can with the air-freshener with other gases with the sieve with the basement and the attic with the storage room the asylum the quarantine negotiating cover-ups detentions exhumations are here are disquieting the uneventful cobblestone street are unsettling million dollar farmers' markets are frightening chairmen of traders associations into thinking the leftovers of communism have returned given that the radioactive cloud never stopped in Strasbourg never stopped at thyroid glands rained cesium into the soil 30 years later 20 centimeters of insurgent dispersion celebrate the disregard of political borders

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