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Island-City 60: the Archipelago of Sorting

Since its formation circa 6012, the archipelago has been adapting its configuration to reverberating tremors and micro-tectonic movements. As a consequence, there is no map of the totality, only individual maps of its parts.

The archipelago is home to several communities of scavengers. Each community lives on an island, sorting and accumulating waste materials from the mainland. The island of PVC, island of metal, island of wood, island of glass, island of clipped nails and hair, and so on. Naturally, this geography altered the distribution of animals on the archipelago. Cats, dogs and rodents huddled on the island of household organic waste, feeding on leftovers. Seagulls, having to compete with less mobile scavengers, began migrating between islands and, drawn to the gleaming components of motherboards and other electronic refuse on the island of techno-waste, started ingesting them as a primary source of nutrition.

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