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Island-Cities 15 and 16: the Twin Islands of Contingency


First documented on June 11th 2016 when Kataeb Party's Samy Gemayel leaked a photograph of two of the three landfills planned by the government for addressing the waste crisis at the time. The landfills in the image were projected to protrude from the bays of Burj Hammoud and Jdeideh, in the Northern suburb of Beirut, exceptionally occupying public maritime property. A third offshore landfill was planned for Costa Brava South of the city.

A repository of doubles, back-ups and manufacture, the Twin Islands are home to over 6102 species of fauna and flora extinct from the mainland, hundreds of vernacular craftsmen and national industries.

The Twin Islands are the main components of the Evacuation Plan for Future Disasters. Producing dozens of foreign passports daily, the islands have an evolved anchorage system allowing them to travel on sea and safely dock on European and Canadian coasts. Their joint capacity can accomodate up to 30% of the mainland population, in addition to islanders.

The Islands have achieved full energetic autonomy, fully equipped with solar batteries that also function as back-ups to power shortages on mainland. 

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