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against peripheral vision and nightmares

against history, science-fiction and games of chance

against crooked streetlamps and misaligned carpets

against the garbage canister and the dust under the sofa

against the open manhole in the street and the growing crack in the ceiling

against the loose tile in the sidewalk and the dislocated kitchen drawer

against sewage floods in shopping malls and ants on stainless countertops

against runaway cattle in supermarkets and chunks of cartilage in processed meats

against strangers and next-door neighbors

against loud vegetable trucks and against muddy shoes

against construction workers and the housekeeper

against immigrants and slips of rural accents

against writing on walls and against all bodily fluids

against beggars and against boredom

against picnics and loose sand

against sadness and chronic disease

against excessive emotion and paranoia

against electrical black-outs and hair-clogged bathroom drains

against satellite dishes, antennas and visible plumbing

against hairy armpits and dirty dishes

against crowds and open windows

against the toothbrush in the kitchen

against running in museums and animals in lecture halls

against threats to public morality and to the order of nature

against non-vaginal orgasms

against white hair and double-chins

against low resolution and matte finishes

against leaking water trucks and against dew infiltration

against bad weather, coincidence and other unplanned surprises

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