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14 Aug 2014

A raid occurred in the morning on Sheherazade Hammam in the Burj Hammoud neighbourhood of Beirut, before it opened its doors to the public, with one employee being arrested.


9 Aug 2014

A unit of the Moral Protection Bureau raided the Agha Baths near Hamra after the police received a tipoff that a group of men were engaging in homosexual encounters. Although there was no proof of any sexual intercourse or activity at the time of arrest, the investigation revolved mainly around the 27 detainees' sexualities, detaining them longer than is legally allowed by the Lebanese Penal Code. Allegedly no anal probes were conducted, but were used as a threat to extract confessions of the men's sexualities and subject them to non-anonymous HIV testing without their consent.


31 july 2012

Burj Hammoud’s Cinema Plaza was shut down under the state’s order for "posing a threat to public morality”. The public morality bureau arrested 36 people present in the cinema and subjected them to homosexuality tests that included anal probing and other invasive procedures.


17 sept 2011

Nabaa's Cinema Monaco was closed based on an order by the Mount Lebanon public prosecutor, after a nationwide raid by the Directorate General of General Security on cinemas screening pornographic films. Cinema Monaco had been repeatedly targeted for catering to a working-class male homosexual crowd, and finally closed.



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